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Reward Calendar 2020 | Coin Master - Globalcmfs

Do you want to know how you get the unlimited spins and coins in the coin master game, so read our blog, you’ll know how to get unlimited rewards through the calendar.

Do you know Coin Master is back with new free spins feature known as the Reward Calendar? And game users are super happy with it! And why shouldn’t they be? They get gifts every day, you too.

Let’s take a quick look to find out how!!

Get unlimited free spins, coins, and chests in Reward Calendar

Behold, if you haven’t already guessed it- the Reward Calendar has a gift for you every day for a whole month! The Last Gift is a Mystery box. Sometimes, you’ll reward with a bunch of spins, coins, chests, and more. At the end of every week, a collection of spins, XP, and pet food. The Reward Calendar is an exciting feature that is worth logging in for every day.

How can you win?

The rewards depend on the Village you’re present. The higher the Village, the more rewards you get. And, it’s a good thing since you need more coins to build the villages as you go forward in the game.

My rewards in Reward Calendar 2020

Currently, I am at village 145 and here’s what I’ve rewarded:

  • Coins
  • Spins
  • Magical Chest
  • 60 Spins
  • 75M Coins
  • 100M Coins
  • 250M Coins, 150 Spins, 13K XP and 1 Pet food

It’s is only my first week into Reward Calendar, so I’m not sure what other gifts I’d be getting. What I do know is that on the 30th day, the final Gift will be a Mystery Chest. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!!


Coin Master is possibly the best game with the possibility of the game users rewarded every day. It assigns the users free spins, coins, chests, and cards. You can receive these rewards daily and improve your progress in the game. You can also use your coins to buy different tools. So if you want to experience a world of fantasies, don’t waste your time. Play now and discover the rewards Coin Master!

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