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Here we discuss the Coin Master game knowledge terminologies and simple meanings and try to tell you the little about each term. So further any explanation of this Coin Master game let’s talk about the headings that we are going to say to you during this article,

What is Spin in Coin Master Game?

In the Coin Master game, spin is playing a vital role, and this is the first action in-game as well when players click on the red spin button, then fantastic three spin options move and stop after some seconds based on the result combination players get rewarded in-game.

What is Coin in Coin Master Game?

In the Coin Master game, Coins are the central element in the game the same as money in our real life, same as that with the Coins you can buy the villages and Village items from the village shop.

What is Raid in Coin Master Game?

Raid feature in the Coin Master game is a fantastic option for the game lovers. This option activates when users spin and the result comes three Pigs, so this means you can raid to friend’s suggested Village.

In the Coin Master Game, Raid shows four cross mark options to the players/users in other user’s Village when players click any cross icon, then digging starts, and players ’ earning also started in terms of coins from the other players.

What is Attack in Coin Master Game?

In the Coin Master game Attack option comes after a spin, and it will show three hammers icons that mean you can attack other suggested villages or specific friend villages. With the help pf attacks, you can destroy other friend villages as quickly.

What is Card and Card Sets in Coin Master Game?

With the help of Card and Card Sets is one of the options to earn rewards in Coin Master game.

Let’s little knowledge about the Card, so Card has impressive image and names, but parallel Card set is the collection of 9 cards. When all cards completed in a set, then users get rewarded in Coin Master Game.

Here is a question that has come in mind “How we get cards in Coin Master Game,” so there are options that you will get the Card, users get a Card by completing the Village wither from the Raid option, or your friend sends the Card to you.

What is Event in Coin Master Game?

In the Coin Master game Event plays a vital role in the game, the event gives new challenges and incredible rewards on every event completion. Players have been complete events if you want to grab the rewards in Coin Master Game, Here are the events in Coin Master Events.

What is Village in Coin Master Game?

The Village is playing a vital role in the Coin Master game, Village like a level and users must have to complete the Village if they want to go another level in the Coin Master Game.

Here the question comes in mind that how we can complete the Village in this game. Completion of every Village, the player has to create 6-7 things from the village shop with the help of Coins.

What is Shields in Coin Master Game?

Same as other Shields is also plays a vital role in Coin Master. With the help of Shields, you can protect your Village from other players’ attacks. Initially, you get three shields in Coin Master Game.

Here the question comes in mind if already have three Shields in stock and how to get new Shield? So here is straight to say that you can’t include extra Shield unless you did not know the tricks and tips to get new Shield

What is the Village Shop in Coin Master Game? | Coin Master game knowledge

As you understand, with the name of the village shop that means you shop village items with the help of Coins, if you want to complete the Village, players have to complete five items and all five items you can buy from the village shop. You can buy every item after five stages with different amounts of coins and then the village level complete, and players go to the next level.

What is Daily Bonus Deal and how it works In Coin Master Game?

Daily Bonus is a fantastic and fresh feature in Coin Master Game. With the help of the Daily Bonus, users can win Coins quickly.

Where this Daily Bonus located?: Menu or bottom in the game at right Conner.

When you click the Daily Bonus option, and then the wheel option will be displayed, and then click red spin button wheel will be moving, and you get rewarded with Coins. Coins in Daily Bonus based on the levels.

What are Gifts and how we use it In Coin Master Game?

With the help of Gifts option you can send, receive free spins, Free Coins and Cards we well. Players can send and received daily 100 spins. Players can collect regular 5K coins to 100 your friends.

What is Village Map in Coin Master Game?

The Coin Master Game village Map is the option to show a list of village levels and players’ current levels. With the help of Village Map, you know where you are currently and how many tiers are in queue to complete.

How to buy Coins and Spins in Coin Master Game

Buy Coins and Spins is the option to purchase coins or spins immediately if you haven’t coined in your pocket.

What is Village News in Coin Master Game?

Village news option, you know all game activities, and with the help of this, you know the stats of your friends and what they are doing during the game.

You know the details of the Raid and which friend stole and how they will take from you in the Coin Master Game.

What is the star in Coin Master Game?

In the Coin master Game, you can collect stars throughout the game. With the help of Stars, you can use and keep rank up and chance players on the leaderboards.

Tips how to earn Stars? There are two options with the help of that you can receive the star first one completed the village items and second one collecting new cards. With every village item upgrade, plyers can earn one star.

Conclusion: During article, we tried to give you the most and relevant information about the Coin Master terminologies and simple meanings, and with the help of this knowledge, you can understand the values and importance of each item or reward in Coin Master Game.

Hope you enjoyed the article, if any confusion regarded material or information then let us know and tell us about that, we can try to be responsive as earlier as we can. Thanks for reading.

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