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We want to update you with the latest and updated news with the help of our blog, so in this blog, we are going to discuss what is reward Calendar? Reward Calendar list, Extra Shield? Etc. Coin Master new updated 2020 in this reward calendar, you will get an extra shield. You can collect the reward daily from the reward calendar. Players now receive 5 Shields with two additional Shields.

Let me clear a few things before digging into the following article, this Coin Master new update not available for all players, but no need to worry. It will be available soon.

Following are the topics which we will discuss in this blog,

  • What is the reward Calendar?
  • Reward Calendar list
  • What is Coin Master Extra Shield?
  • Why Extra Shield Update not Available for Everyone?

What is The reward Calendar?

Reward Calendar is the latest and new update feature in Coin Master Game; the feature shows a day-wise reward list. Players can play the game daily and collect the reward from the Calendar.

Reward Calendar list

Following we tried to list day-wise reward details in reward calendar, please see daily Coin Master Reward,

Day Rewards

Day 1 6M Coins

Day 2 30 Spin and Chest

Day 3 17.5M Coins

Day 4 50 Spin and 25M Coins

Day 5 45M Coins

Day 6 60M Coins and Chests

Day 7 60M Coins, 100 spin, 15K XP, Pet food

Day 8 Gift

Day 15 Gift

Day 22 Gift

Day 30 Mystery Chest

What is Coin Master Extra Shield?

In the Coin Master game Shield feature with the help of Shield, you can protect the village from your opponents.

Every Player has a maximum of 3 shields in the Coin Master Game. In new Coin Master Updates, players will get five Shields, and Coin Master gives extra two as well in the latest updates.

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Why Extra Shield Update not Available for Everyone?

In the new update, Coin Master Reward calendar and extra Shield for some players for now. As per our knowledge, updates features are available only regular users. It’s is just our predictions not officially announced.

If you don’t see any update, so it’s okay, and wait for the new updates which will be updated soon.

We’ll update the given Reward calendar and Extra Shield update once it will be available.

Conclusion: During this article, we tried to provide you the details of Reward Calendar and about extra Shield, which provides Coin Master game lovers, also will update the Calendar once we get.

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