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We cover, Two-finger trick to get last treasure in the hole, every village, Coin Master Player, Facebook group, Advanced Tricks, best Coin Master tricks. There are some beneficial tricks that you can use when playing Coin Master. Some are huge and deserve their posts, for example, how to do big raids, or getting the most out of chests. Other tips that I’m sharing will help you become the most successful Coin Master ever!!

Top 10 Coin Master Tips and Tricks You Need To Know on how to send more than five cards per day

Coin Master allows you to share Cards with your Facebook friends, which is limited to 5 cards a day. Changing the date of your phone with at least 24 hours lets you send five more cards. Another way to do it is to remove the game and install it again. The range of using these tricks is unlimited.

Two-finger trick to get last Treasure in the hole

You often get the first two holes right if you’re raiding. But, with the two-finger trick, you can dig up the Treasure in the last hole as well. You might want to know how it works. When you’ve already opened two holes with a gem, put your fingers above the two remaining holes. ]tap both holes at the same time and keep it drew for a second. And the hole with the Treasure opens!

Follow this link to get free spins

Running out of spins? Just follow this link to know all about how you can get free spins.

Feed your pet, keep it active

Feeding your pet will give it four hours of extra strength. It would be a waste if you can’t play for 4 hours. So, if you can play long enough to enjoy it to the fullest, feed your pet.

Another fantastic trick: Everyone has a free pet active for 15 minutes every day. Use this if you just got a few minutes to play. If it’s available, use it when you can play longer. It’s free and won’t cost your pet food.

Buy chests in every Village

Every Village has its own set of rare and gold cards. So it’s recommended that you buy Chests in every Village or it will be harder to get them in higher villages. They say you can spend at least 1 to 1.5 billion coins on chests in each Village. In boom villages, staying a little longer and buying Chests is essential as they are more abundant in rare and gold cards.

How to be a VIP Coin Master Player

To become a VIP Coin Master Player, you will have to be invited by Coin Master. There is no other way forward. There is no guaranteed way to be asked, though. If you’re interested in becoming a VIP player, spend some real money to progress.

Find and join a Facebook group to trade cards

Missing cards? Don’t worry. You can get it from other people. There are so many Facebook groups where you can purchase or exchange cards. You can also find new friends to send and receive spins and coins.

Coin Master Advanced Tricks- Play with multiple accounts

Many people make numerous Facebook accounts, known as baby accounts, to play Coin Master. Many people use these to get extra gold or rare cards, notably if they advanced too quickly or missed any unique or gold cards on their main account. You need to have a new Facebook account for every new report on Coin Master.

Many users use an app cloner to switch between accounts so they can have several ways of Coin Master and Facebook on the device; some use different methods. If you don’t, you will have to remove the app, update your Facebook account, and reinstall Coin Master again.

Follow these Coin Master Rules

Some people play Coin Master by specific rules, which they ask their friends to follow, too:

  • Don’t attack your friends. Instead, when you get an attack, click the revenge button to choose randomly. Mostly, you’ll find people who aren’t on your friends’ lists.
  • If you have a raid on them for a minimum of five million coins, send a message on Facebook to do this, and wait to hear if you can dig or have to wait for some time to let them invest all the coins. The trick works wonders as the person raiding gets his coins spent, and you can dig out the coins initially available.

Not everyone plays like this. So if you connect with a person you don’t know, you should be clear about how you are going to play. If it doesn’t work out, the best thing to do is look for other friends.

Your best Coin Master tricks?

We’d love to know how our tips and tricks worked for you. Also, if you’ve come across any other excellent Coin Master tricks that not shared on this page, please tell us in the comments section.

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