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How to change raid in coin master 2020

In this blog, we talk about how to change raid in coin master game so, first let’s see what is Coin Master is the most popular video game In the United Kingdom, United States, Romania and in many other countries and made by Moon Active. So many people are loved to play and its lover all over the world. If I am talking about its features and graphics, so it has very neat and user-friendly features and graphics. The good thing about this game that you can play in Android and IOS devices it can be played on PCs as well. It minimum age to play this game is 17 years, but usually, every person’s age group can play. The slot machine is the primary reason to attack people in this game. All you have to do in the game is to build your village and stop your opponent’s village from getting built.

You must have to keep on improving and building your position on the leader board. The most important thing is to help you to develop your village is a slot machine. However, the slot machine also helps you to destroy your opponent village.

How can you Raid to another village in 2020?

As we earlier we little-discussed how to change raid in coin master, and this section the slot machine is a crucial part of this game. Users have to spin the slot machine to try his luck. Before further any, let me tell you about how you get free spin initially, just simple you register the game, and you get free spins. After that, users get 5 free spins every hour. Few of things expect you will get in this game as follow,

  1. Free Coins.
  2. Hammer.
  3. Free Raid.
  4. Shields.
  5. Free Spins.
  6. And many more.

What is the Raid in Coin Master 2020?

Raid is the item; then, you can destroy the village of your enemy. When you spin the slot machine, and you will see three pigs’ faces in a single spin, which means you are allowed to raid in the village. However, during the Raid, the users allow to dig out hidden treasures from your opponent village. You can mark four suspicious places where you can dig and find our treasure. But you’ll allow to select and dig only three out of four. And the fourth one allows being dug by the users who give food to pets. And then the pet will do it for you if they get a raid. Collected amount of coins they get from the Raid is a deposit to the user’s account, and they can use it if further to build villages before opponent Raid them.

How to change Raid in Coin Master 2020?

As we know, the Coin Master game is server-based, and the server automatically decided who the player raid. It all depends on luck. Whether you get a low coin raid or high coin raid. As you know, high coin raid never a problem because users get money. But if you get low coin rain, then users will always want to change it. There are few steps to change the Raid are

  1. All is to do that close the game.
  2. Then go to the setting option in the mobile.
  3. Then in the setting app, you go to the coin master app and open that.
  4. Now clear all game’s cache and close everything.
  5. Time to see magic now open the game and see your Raid is changed.
  6. Repeat this step as many times as much as you can, and every time the same role applied to change your Raid.


In this blog, we tried to tell you the best possible ways of how to change Raid in Coin Master every time with just using our given simple technique in 2020. Most of the time, people disagree with it, but as you know, we want to tell our users to the best and easiest ways to achieve your goals as earlier as you can.

If you want to see how you get updated with the daily coin master free spins in 2020, then you may see our page

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