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No hacks, just expert tips, and tricks for Coin Master

Welcome to the epic world of Coin Master, where you’ll go on an adventure as a Viking spinning the wheel, getting free coins, gifts, and a lot more on the way. Read on to find out the latest tips, tricks, and hints to help you stay ahead of your competitors!!

What do you need to know about Slot Machines?


Hammer is the basic yet the most common tool you’ll get in Coin Master. It will let you attack other people’s villages and loot all their coins. You will be given 5 spots in the opponents’ villages you can choose to attack. 


Shields, the most sought after game items in Coin Master, protect your village from external attacks. You are only allowed to use a shield once, after which it gets broken. So, if you’re interested in investing some money, buy Shields for Village. 


Pigface is one of the rarest items in the game. You’re lucky if you get a pig face. If you do get one, you have one chance to attack other people’s villages and dig some large coins.

No hacks just tips and tricks for Coin Master, follow these tricks to get extra spins in Coin Master

Log out of your Coin Master account and set the time to one day ahead on your mobile phone. When you open your game account again, you will get free spins. Follow this step every time you have consumed your free Spin of the day. 

Get 50 extra spins: Connect your game account to Facebook

If you don’t already have a Facebook account, it’s time you should make one because connecting your game account with Facebook rewards you with extra spins. 

Benefits of connecting your game with Facebook

  • Joining your game with Facebook for the first time gives you 100k coins as a bonus
  • Your progress saved
  • You also get to play with your Facebook friends
  • Chat about the game with friends

Coin Master: The Pros and Cons


  • The game has a simple storyline and based on a unique concept of Spin and play
  • It is loved by people of all age groups
  • Really addictive game, with beautiful music complementing it
  • The graphics are really cute
  • When you connect with Facebook, you get 50 extra spins
  • Spin and Spin to upgrade your village
  • Hammer lets you attack other people’s Villages and get coins
  • Get shields to protect your village
  • Pigface gives you bonus and power to attack 


  • The coins are expensive
  • It takes many days to unlock a village
  • To stay ahead of your opponents, you need to buy many coins
  • A game user complained that their game closes whenever they attack
  • There are also complaints about the coins not showing in the account after a purchase is made


Coin Master is an addictive game loved by people of all age groups. If you haven’t played Coin Master already, you’re missing out. Play now to find what Coin Master has in store for you.  

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