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Do you want to know about the Stars in the coin master game? So here we are discussing how you get coin master gold card and how to get lost stars back.

OverviewStars in coin master

When you play Coin Master and progress through the game, the number of villages you create increases, and so do the Stars. Your friends can also help you increase the Stars. All you need to do is take Cards from your friends and play in the village. 

The Stars collected in Coin Master used to keep ranks. The more Stars you got, the higher your position in the game.

How to get the Cards?

Coin Master is a fantastic way to collect Cards within the game. The best way to do it is to collect them from chests that can be won during events, raids, or bought using coins.

If you have a gold card trail, you can take a gold card from it at any time and trade five cards a day with a standard Card from your friend. 

We’ve also listed down the names of the boxes. They are as follows:

  • Wooden chest
  • Golden chest
  • Magic chest


During a special event, you will be able to purchase two Gold Cards shown in the pop-up. It’s an incredible opportunity to complete your set of cards. You can also help friends in their quest to finish their card collections.

Have you lost the stars?

In Coin Master, when a game user attacks your village, your house breaks, and your Stars work. The more you hit your Villages, the more the Stars work.

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Build your village and collect new Cards to earn stars. Village items reward one star for every upgrade and cards reward the stars displayed on the top of each one!!

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