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Nowadays, one video game is catching everyone’s interest, and it’s the most popular game, especially in the USA, UK and Germany, yes I am talking about Coin Master. Now it hits all the records in video game history. Within this blog, What are the stars for in Coin Master? – Tips and Tricks 2020

Let’s see about the game and its feature What are the stars for in Coin Master?

Within this game, users spin a slot machine and win a bundle of spins and coins and other items as well, like shields and weapons. By using these, you can raid other villages, attack and you can build your village. Almost 200 villages with unique adventures.

As we mentioned, you can earn a lot of coins and use them to build a village before building a village. You have to perform a lot of tasks for coin collection few of them I highlight here you need to be performed, such as collecting cheats of cards, raising pets, etc. The helpful thing in-game is when you connect with other Facebook account like your friend, then you became eligible for many things like Free Spins, Gifts Cards, Coins Bonus, and many more.

Importance of Coins and how you collect initially

As you know, the main feature of this game is coins. And you already know that spins can collect it. Beginning of this game, Coin master initially gives you 5 spins every hour, and these spins you can earn by watching ads, and you can buy with your real money.

What is the importance of Stars in-game?

Stars in Coin Master is like gold in our real life, and in the game, the stars it used to keep the users ranked on the leader board.

I already know you are thinking about how we earn that? There are two ways to collect the stars first you can earn by collecting cards or collected by building the village in the game. Stars also are obtained through the new cards.

Fear of losing stars is another thing. When other users attack a village, and they hit any item then placed in the village directly, and then you lose one star is removed from your item. It’s essential to protect your village by using the Shield. Shields play a vital role in the Coin Master game.

As we already mentioned above that stars collected throughout the game, and with that, you ranked and Coin master place you in the leaderboard.

Here we also mentioned the importance that duplicate cards do not earn stars in the Coin Master game.

How Shield can be protected your village

The Shield is essential in Coin Master game, as I described it is the best protection with the help of this you can better protect your village.

Let’s make it simple Shield are the action item. It protects yours from other attacks, and you can earn by spinning the slot machine.

Each user maximum three shields initially and for extra Shield won with spinning the slot machine. Once you collected Shield then you can attack wherever you want another village.

Final Words

If we talk about overall features and what are the stars for in Coin Master? – Tips and Tricks 2020. it has better graphics if we compared it with any other video game. Its graphics make it more interesting. It makes you more engaging because it connected with other players. Any ages can play this game because it has super smooth navigation, feature, and names of characters. 

Our main motive is to deliver you the best, latest, and updated information regarding the coin master game. I know most people are worried or thinking that is our provided information correct, so yes, you are the right place, we provide authentic and reliable information to our users.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. 

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