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I know many of you are much eager to know about When is the next gold card trade-in coin master game, so here we will discuss how we can trade gold cards and what is the best strategy to handle it. So, let’s see below,

Coin Master rare cards list in 2020

In the below-mentioned list, you will see all the cards that are supposed to be rare in Coin Master. For your convenience, we have put up a list columns and rows wise. This provided list will be updated when the new sets are added or when the value changes. If you want any tips and tricks on how to get more difficult cards, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

The listed table is updated in April 2020.

SantaChristmasSpecial2 excalibur
The SaloonCowboysSpecial1 Santa
Fire RingCircusSpecial1 Santa
Mythical tune BeanstalksSpecial 1 Santa
SatyrMythicalSpecial1 Santa
Elder Elk ForestSpecial1 Santa
Blithe BrunoSpaceSpecial 1 Santa
Hobby horseToysSpecial1 Santa
Little lenyaGoblinsSpecial 1 Santa
Il DivinoArtistSpecial 1 Santa
Playful PanSwitzerlandSpecial1 Santa
Martian Lettuce SandlandSemi high rare 3 excalibur
Darlin DollyCowboysSemi high rare1 lettuce
Marble ManArtistSemi high rare1 lettuce
Robo bootCowboysSemi high rare 1 lettuce
FondueSwitzerlandSemi high rare 1 lettuce
Silent ShrineSpirits Semi high rare 1 lettuce
RapunzelFairy talesSemi high rare 1 lettuce
Regal RichardFairy tales Semi high rare 1 lettuce
Jovial JadeSportsSemi high rare1 lettuce
Savvy SanchoSpainRare 1 excalibur
Portly PeteToysRare 1 excalibur
Excalibur Ice QueenRare1 excalibur
Farmer Feng ChinaRare1 excalibur
KettleMongoliaRare 1 excalibur
Smoking PipeSherlockRare1 excalibur
Creaky crow Baba YagaRare1 excalibur
NessieScotlandRare 1 excalibur
First PrizeSportsMid high level rare3 lettuce
MastermindSupervillansMid high level rare1 lettuce
Dr WickedSupervillansMid high level rare3 lettuce
Skull IslandSupervillansMid high level rare2 lettuce
Amphibious AbeSupervillansMid high level rare1 lettuce
Stabilizer coreSteampunkMid high level rare3 lettuce
Dr AshtearSteampunkMid high level rare3 lettuce
Little LucaSteampunkMid high level rare4 lettuce
Machine heartSteampunkMid high level rare4 lettuce
Mighty WizardLegendslow rare4 = 1 excalibur
Fighting MonkRobin Hoodlow rare4 = 1 excalibur
Holy MonkLegendslow rare4 = 1 excalibur
Jelly FishOceanlow rare4 = 1 excalibur
ChilitoMexicolow rare2 = 1 excalibur
FridaMexicolow rare2 = 1 excalibur
Flamur the flutistSwitzerlandlow rare2 = 1 excalibur
CleopatraEgyptlow rare2 = 1 excalibur
Aztec PrincessAztecs low rare 2 = 1 excalibur
AmrstrongCircusHigh rare2 lettuce
AndromedaSpaceHigh rare 2 lettuce
Lenny the leftyCowboysHigh rare2 lettuce
Barrel tankGoblins High rare2 lettuce
Mellow LisaArtist High rare2 lettuce
Pop art PoppaArtistHigh rare2 lettuce
Painters PaletteArtist High rare2 lettuce
ToreroSpain High rare 2 lettuce
Other route 66High level rare1 lettuce
Bar hopperHigh level rare 5 lettuce
Hotrod High level rare 10 lettuce
Punky High level rare 4 lettuce
BerlyHigh level rare 5 lettuce
CatnessHigh level rare6 lettuce
Camelot tentHigh level rare 2 lettuce
Golden trophyHigh level rare2 lettuce
Archery Camp High level rare 10 lettuce
Scotty squireHigh level rare 2 lettuce
Lucky LanceHigh level rare 5 lettuce
Knight guard High level rare 5 lettuce
Pig knight High level rare10 lettuce
Top knutHigh level rare 3 lettuce
Dante the devout High level rare 2 lettuce
The BeastHigh level rare 2 lettuce
SpikeHigh level rare 2 lettuce
Spooky Simon High level rare 4 lettuce
Haunted Harriet High level rare5 lettuce
Jolly JasperHigh level rare 4 lettuce
BlizzHigh level rare 2 lettuce
Captain NashHigh level rare 4 lettuce
Model ZHigh level rare 4 lettuce
Cosmic CarlHigh level rare 4 lettuce
CrusaderHigh level rare5 lettuce

What is a Gold Card, and how we’ll trade?

Other card trade

Gold cards can only be traded in the Gold trade events. And in every event, you can trade two specific Gold cards that will be selected by Coin Master itself.

How you trade your Gold cards with your friend?

Do you know that you can trade your Gold cards with your friend circle? If you say No, then you are wrong. Let’s see how you can trade. The best way to get your Gold card is to just ask your lovely friends. Or you can give them back to your friends if you have spare cards.

How to get free Gold Cards in Coin Master?

You can use the following methods to get gold cards free.

  • Trading cards on Facebook
  • checking giveaway in social media
  • checking online coin master card tool
  • Joining the different game forum
  • using a free spin online tool

When is the next gold card trade-in Coin Master also through Facebook groups?

Facebook group is the best and simplest way to trade your Gold cards if your friend doesn’t have any spare cards. In a Facebook group, you can ask people to offer Gold cards. As you know, the Gold card is rare, so it’s very demandable and a precious thing for Coin Master game lovers.

We suggest that before you accept any offer, you must be aware of other groups and compare offers with others as well.

Why the Gold card is more important compared with other cards?

Gold card trade 2020 As you know, the Gold card is the rarer card, and this is very hard to get from any chests. Many times people ask for multiple cards. Many times people use lettuce as a currency. Another rarer card is Martian Lettuce, and usually, people relate to other cards. And most frequently talked about cards are Santa or Excalibur.

What is the value of a Gold card and others?

There are many cards in the Coin Master game and each card has its uniqueness and value. Like Zeus, Joker Card, unicorn, Montezuma from Tribe, these are very rare cards. Usually, people ask 2 or 3 lettuce for it. Other cards which are less unique is Oak Cauldron from Forest. Additional cards are slightly rarer. But those can be traded for free. As we mentioned, the best way to find cards in the Facebook group and compare it with offers to other groups.

If I cannot trade Gold card in 2020?

If you completed your set and got a Gold card and then you don’t like to sell or share with others, then the best way is to buy as many chests as you want with that Gold card.

Which question in your mind about the Gold Card?

Gold card trade 2020

If you are rethinking about when is the next gold card trade-in coin master 2020 then we are here to help you to achieve all your levels in the Coin Master game, whether it is related to stars in Coin Master or Cards. So, ask us anything in the comment section. We are here to help you provide the maximum information we can.


In this blog, we tried to tell you the value of Gold card and the best way how you can utilize that with the best strategy in 2020. If you like this blog, then share it on social media or leave us a comment in the comment section.

Our primary concern is to make awareness about all the updates and latest tips and techniques, but further, if you want to know anything related to this game, then please comment us or email us. Also, tell us all about your requirements and what things you want to see on our blog. We love to share all the relevant details. However, here we don’t like to promote any hacks. I want to share with you the daily coins and similar things.

If you know how to collect free spins and coins in 2020 then you must see our daily coin master spins page.

Thanks, and have a beautiful day.

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